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Letter to the Editor: Keep the big picture and vote for integrity, knowledge and experience

The Big Picture: Todd Johns, Sheriff of Plumas County, has been talking about the 2 years of service since he was appointed as being under siege from first — the Covid-19 pandemic and all of that confused messaging from Washington DC; mask or not; vaccine mandates or natural immunity; lockdowns or essential services ; six foot rule; pure craziness in its dissemination. Then came the horrific wild fires that raged through the County. Todd was truly baptized in fire.

Furthermore the politics of the last 6 years have been very divisive and last year the world was turned upside down. It’s human nature that much of the unhappiness from our nation’s bizarre policies is directed towards authorities.

The poison and lies being spewed by Dwight Cline’s campaign have added greatly to the discontent. Don’t be fooled by the claims of exquisite management skills of a long separated desk Sargent over a proven Sheriff who already has all of the necessary management and many other training and credentials needed to continue to ensure safety and law and order so vital to Plumas County. Todd’s rapport with the Office of Emergency Services, state officials and neighboring county sheriff will be extremely valuable going forward.

Lastly, pay attention to the endorsements that are based on the facts. A “good old boy” fraternity where Greg Haywood and Mr Cline colluded 10 years ago about which one should run for Sheriff doesn’t inspire my confidence. The employee Union voting against current management is to be expected. That is their job.

Keep the big picture and vote for Integrity, Knowledge and Experience over fake news as demonstrated by the recent Hagwood letter that was mailed out and probably in violation of the Fair Political Practices Act.

Richard Hughes



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