Letter to the Editor: Leadership, issues and initiatives for Plumas County Sheriff

By now, you have heard just about everyone’s opinion as to who should be the next Sheriff for Plumas County.  My opinion may not matter to you at this stage of the Election, but if you really want to make the right choice, I encourage you to listen to the interview of both candidates by Tommy Miles, Station Manager of KQNY, 91.9 FM of Quincy.  I have attached the link to the interview for you to listen and to make the correct decision in voting for Todd Johns as our next Sheriff.
After listening to the interviews twice, I made the following observation:
Sheriff Todd Johns talked about staffing, morale, leadership, the capacity and vulnerability of Plumas County due to staffing and financial challenges, recovery and rebuilding issues, the need to streamline contracts that will result in new efficiencies, new equipment such as body cameras and a new computer system that will lead to more efficiencies, hiring bonuses, and the praise he gave for  Sheriff Office Staff and those of the Plumas County Correctional Facility (Jail) during the COVID and Dixie Fire Challenges.
Mr. Cline talked about staffing, morale, leadership, and trust issues also, which has been the centerpiece of his campaign.  That’s where the conversation seemed to end, however.
There are many components of leadership:  Active listening, Strategic thinking, Creativity and Flexibility, Project Planning, and Vision.  It’s more than just morale and style.
I have read Sheriff Todd Johns articles on staff morale, Behavior Health, financial issues for the Sheriff Department and  Plumas County, and the Plumas County Correctional Facility. I have seen him attending Housing Forums because it’s an issue for his staff.  I have listened to a business person in Canyon Dam complain to the Sheriff about the lack of security and vandalism on his property after the fire.  The next day a mobile light station showed up to protect his property.   The Sheriff seems to “ walk the talk” if you ask me.
Sheriff Johns is correct in stating that recovery and rebuilding is important to all of us, not just one community.  Our County has faced serious challenges in the last two years with the Pandemic and the Dixie Fire.  It will take years to overcome the damage and destruction.
I appreciate all the leadership qualities and the service that Sheriff Todd Johns has shown during his service.  His attention to the many issues and initiatives is important to me.  I’m glad that he’s listening and is doing something about them.
Following is the link to the Sheriff’s interview by Tommy Miles of KQNY.  Listen and decide for yourself.
Clint Koble
Hamilton Branch