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Letter to the Editor: Let’s move this car

Living in a small town can be such an amazing thing, especially when all residents want the same things. We came to this area in late 2018 looking for a second home (which quickly became our permanent home as I didn’t want to leave) and a place to share with our children and grandchildren. I came here a lot as a child and have wonderful memories from all over this area.

Upon arriving in Portola, the first thing our family noticed was an abandoned car in a lot on Hwy70 and North Third Street and to this day nearly two years later, that car is still sitting there. In an effort to try and make a difference in this community, I reached out to both city and county officials, both pointing fingers to the other and stating they have no money to move it. I found this so disturbing as we all live in such a small area that things like this vehicle and others cannot be removed in a two-year period if no other reason than to make our town a better place. We all want Portola to be a great place for our children and grandchildren and there are small inexpensive things our residents and city/county officials could do to make a large impact. We have businesses here that want to grow and make a difference in this area and how can we do that when you pull into town and see abandoned cars year after year.
Let’s all come together as a community and make our officials do the things that make us proud to live here like simply moving an abandoned car that is located on some person’s lot that they are trying to sell. How can someone just dump a car anywhere they want, especially on somebody’s private properly, and our officials do nothing?
I want to make a difference here for all, and I will start by fighting to get this car moved. Let’s all think about how lucky we are to live where we do and lets all do all we can to make this the special place it used to be.

Tosha Coleman

Portola Resident

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