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Letter to the Editor: Let’s take a deep breath

As a registered Democrat I want to apologize personally for Trump signs that were stolen or defaced in this county. I can only hope that the miscreants were too young to vote or understand. Our country was built on the right of people to express their opinions. Though the First Amendment only protects us from government interference in our speech, the unwritten social contract has long said that we citizens should not interfere with that expression. Of course there are laws that protect us from theft and vandalism for those times the social contract breaks down.

No matter the outcome of the election, you won’t find me on the streets accosting my neighbors. If you see me with a pitchfork, I am moving leaves. If you see me armed with a knife, I am just cutting strips of duct tape to hold my house together through the winter.

See that is how we live up here. We help each other get through the hard times. That is why this aging liberal has stayed here for 30 years and plans to stay until I join my husband down in the cemetery.

My only fear is that someone will see something, assume something, and over-react.  So please, everyone, deep breath. Let’s stay together as  communities.

Darrah Hopper



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