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Letter to the Editor: Libertarian for Larry Elder

When someone writes a letter to the editor and begins it with a headline quote from the Left’s Washington Post, LOOK OUT !  You can bet the bulk of the letter will be chalk full of left wing talking points, false accusations and mistruths.  Helene, you did not disappoint.

Here is another quote.  This one is from the former Democrat leader of the California State Senate and first woman to hold that seat, Gloria Romero.   For some reason, I found this quote and video at a multitude of news sources but I could not find it at CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC or NBC.  Here is what our former Senate leader said Monday.  “Our public schools need big change.  I’m Gloria Romero;  I was the majority leader of the Democrats in the State Senate.  I believe in charter schools and social choice.  So does Larry Elder but not Gavin Newsom.  He shut our public schools while he sent his kids to private schools.”  She went on to say, “Yes: I’m a Democrat.  But the recall is not about political party, It’s about Newsom.  Larry Elder for Governor”. She added.

This Libertarian is taking the advice of Gloria Romero and will vote for Larry Elder for Governor.  I hope you will too.


Nels Johnson


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