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Letter to the Editor: Loved every minute of public service

I just read a post on pay for public office holders; I once was there and I too have something to say. When I served on the Plumas County Board of Supervisors, I received $600 a month and mileage from Greenville to Quincy and back; that’s it, except for $200 a month extra to be the Road Commissioner from my district, (a first-time woman, Road Commissioner, back then? It went over like a lead balloon, but I persevered). All five of us, board members then, were required to produce receipts, if we felt we deserved to be reimbursed beyond the established amount; no receipt, no pay back. Also, it’s in the state constitution that the yearly budget will be published, yearly; in each budget, there are line items that must show every dime that’s paid and received, and it’s all itemized; read one sometime.

Secondly, what about all of us who paid out of pocket to be a local representative just because we cared; do we get reimbursed, heck no. I also served on the Plumas Unified School District Governing Board for a number of years; the other board members, and myself, were paid mileage, and that’s all; the public has no idea of the hours we each spent in that endeavor, especially during the acquisition of Feather River College, but, we cared. I did not gain from my public office experiences, and in fact, over all, it was costly. My husband then, Kurt Bohne, referred to the time and money I spent, to be a public contribution, but you won’t find it to be legally, a line item expense on any income tax returns. Still, I loved every minute of it.

Nansi Bohne


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