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Letter to the Editor: Low vaccine rates; high transmission rates

Congratulations on your publishing the letter from Phil Shafer and contributing to the overload of dangerous misinformation about the spread of Covid-19 and the Delta Variant.  He stated that masks “do not work,”  implying that plexiglass does.  This is certainly not the case.  Plexiglass works for large droplets we emit, but not the small droplets that can linger in the air for hours.   Large droplets are heavier and quickly fall.   When you walk up to the cash register you are still breathing the tiny droplets an unmasked person ahead of you left behind.  Plexiglass has it’s uses, but can be counter productive when they interfere with proper ventilation.  I’m happy to see plexiglass separators, but not as a replacement for a good mask (which Mr. Shafer did not allege).

Really, all you need to do is to read the news about Florida  and other states that have low vaccination rates, and the spread of Covid-19 in schools and elsewhere.

In May, a teacher in Marin County recently removed her mask just for the short while of storytime while she read to her students. Twelve students were infected and passed it on to other students, teachers and parents.

Alas, too many unvaccinated people selfishly disregard the health and safety of the people around them and refuse to wear a mask.  As one person today put it, if they don’t care about us, why should we care about them?

Meridith Rosendahl

Former Hamilton Branch resident

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