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Letter to the Editor: Made in America

Great accomplishments have been made here in California, thanks to the Democrats. Recently, SB 107 was passed. So now minors can get trans surgeries. They can be from in state or out of state. For parents who won’t consent, the child is taken custody of by California! As if passing late stage and post birth abortion wasn’t enough. Thank you Governor Gavin.

This is the most important election of our lives. If we vote harder, and the mail in ballot scheme works, we can move on to just taking custody of all children from parents. We’ll arrest trumpist parents and give their kids to woke partners. We’ll round up neo-natals and white supremo lattes to the “denier” camps and make them manufacture Fauci Ouchie pins and outfits for furries. Heck, we’ll arrest trump, Faux, OAN and all the rest, then sue them like Alex Jones. We can also slow climate change by vaccinating and proper family planning, just like Bill Gates has eluded to. Imagine? The things we can do to lie, cheat, steal and murder are endless.

I’ve got two words…”Made in America!”…just like President Biden said. Let’s do this! Let’s make hay while the sun sets.

Robert Milne

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