Letter to the Editor: Misleading information

Under the CARES act and PREP act, EUA (emergency use authorization) vaccine manufacturers are protected from liability. Once a vaccine becomes FDA approved, they can be sued for damages. UNLESS, the vaccine can be FDA approved for use in children. Because under The Childhood Vaccine Act, any vaccine recommended for children can also be given to adults, with no liability to the manufacturer.

From attorney RFK Jr.- “Pfizer knows it cannot afford to give an approved vaccine to any American, because attorneys like me will sue them and bankrupt them overnight…we will make them pay for the entire pandemic.”

Pfizer announced an FDA approved “Comirnaty”, and Moderna has recently announced their FDA approved “Spikevax”, for Covid 19. The recent release from PC Health Dept. gives the reader the impression s(he) can get the FDA versions.

The outright deception by vaccine makers, passed on by local authorities, is that neither of these are available in the US. Recipients will still be getting the EUA version, and if they have reactions or die, they heve no legal recourse against these companies.


I called a local national chain pharmacy, and they confirmed that only EUA Pfizer is available. They had no indication of when the FDA approved “Comirnaty” would be available. I can answer that- not until it gets approval for children.

This reveals the incessant push by vaccine makers to get these things approved for children by the FDA. Absolutely unacceptable Americans! Don’t let this happen. These companies must be held accountable.

I write this for Sarah Jessica Blattner, a 14 year old vaccine victim from Israel. The world lost a beautiful, courageous girl on October 12, 2021.

Robert Milne