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Letter to the Editor: Murderous madman must be stopped

In September 1939, an evil madman named Hitler invaded Poland, devastated that country and was the beginning of WWII. Today, we are witnessing the same evilness. The murderous madman Putin invaded Ukraine – a country that did nothing to Russia. History is repeating itself.

Putin is bombing schools, maternity wards, hospitals, shelters, and even a nuclear power plant. Innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered. He is destroying water and electric infrastructure to inflict more suffering on Ukrainians. This is nothing more than cold-blooded genocidal murder on the Ukrainian people. Putin is a war criminal and must be stopped.

The Ukrainian people are defending their country and their capital, unlike some Americans who hate their country and attack their capital. The Ukrainian military is fiercely fighting the Russian invaders and apparently inflicting great harm in the ground war. However, the Russian air attacks are deadly.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is showing the world what true leadership and courage is. He is fighting for his country, leading his military, and reaching out to countries not for troops but for military weapons and equipment. Zelensky acknowledged that NATO and America wouldn’t send troops and planes.

President Zelensky proved his ethics and character when Trump attempted to extort Zelensky by withholding Congressional approved military aid in exchange for ‘dirt’ on the Biden family. Zelensky said ‘nii’ (no). This is why Trump was impeached the first time. Trump eventually did send the military aid after being caught extorting Ukraine.

Decades of experience with foreign policy and as a legislator, President Joe Biden is showing extraordinary leadership, especially in the handling of Putin’s war with Ukraine. Biden declassified intelligence and told the world that Putin was planning false-flag operations to justify the invasion of Ukraine and releasing maps of military positions.

President Biden rallied and unified NATO and brought the countries of the world together to assist Ukraine. As president, Trump besmirched NATO and vowed to withdraw the U.S. from NATO in a second presidential term. Trump would have assisted Putin in his invasion of Ukraine.

The U.S. and other countries levied economic sanctions against Russia and provided much needed military hardware and civilian supplies. Ten million Ukrainians fled their country and were welcomed in many countries of the world. This is what democracies do.

One man named Putin, a dictator, initiated this war. This is why the US must remain a democracy and fight to keep it that way against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Mark Mihevc


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