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Letter to the Editor: My opinion on opinions

I read some of the letters to the editor and just shake my head. Do you writers (and readers) realize that what you put forth/read here is simply opinion. Some of these letters sound like the writer is so convinced that what they are presenting is the truth that they expect you to believe it.

What is expounded as truth is nothing more than opinion. That opinion is shaped by experiences and their sources of information. Their sources of information determine their agenda or their agenda determines their sources of information and it is clear in their letters what that agenda is.

In America we are free to express our opinions. The way some of the opinions are expressed here, one would doubt the writers support the idea that others are allowed their own opinions. The reader is lead to believe that if they hold an alternate view they are wrong. In reality neither the reader nor writer knows the real truth. Communist regimes understand this and exert very tight control over what information sources their populations have access to. (Hum, a lot like facebook, twitter, the white house (in DC), etc).

Of course, these are just my opinions. And for now, I have the right to those opinions and you have the same right to your opinions. Like that idea? Cancel culture is the exact opposite belief. Later.

Phil Shafer
Quincy, CA

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