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Letter to the Editor: Not my first choice, but turns out he’s the best

Primary candidate Joe Biden wasn’t even on my presidential choice list. My candidate lost but I eagerly voted for Biden for President. It was an easy choice – a decent moral experienced everyman politician or an illiterate lying traitorous dictator. With a slim House majority and an even-slimmer Senate (with two egomaniac money-hungry Republican-voting Democrats), President Biden has been an unbelievably successful president.

In two years, President Biden presided over the creation of 12 million jobs (a record) and a 50-year low unemployment rate of 3.4%. That’s 500,000 jobs on average created every single month of his presidency. Did you get a job in the last two years? Thanks Dark Brandon!

Biden’s legislative accomplishments are amazing: finally an infrastructure bill was passed to rebuild American and provide good paying jobs; an bill helping veterans exposed to toxic burn pits; reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act; the Electoral Count Reform Act; the Respect for Marriage Act that allows people to marry who they love; and the CHIPS and Science Act that brings critical chip manufacturing back to the US.

Do you have diabetes? The typical cost for insulin is about $200/vial. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) caps the cost of insulin at $35/month for seniors on Medicare and Biden wants to ‘finish the job’ and cap everyone’s insulin costs at $35/vial. The IRA also caps out-of-pocket drug costs at $2000/year for Medicare and allows Medicare to once again negotiate drug prices.

The IRA also invests $369 billion to fight climate change. And, it implements a 15% minimum tax on large corporations. Corporations and billionaires need to start paying their fair share of taxes.

I’m not a fan of the SOTU speeches, but I will turn them on until I have to turn them off. This applies to every president beginning with GW Bush. Biden’s stutter doesn’t help. I almost turned off Biden’s SOTU speech. Glad I didn’t.

President Biden’s SOTU speech was absolutely the best SOTU speech ever given by an American President. Biden’s two year record of accomplishments are phenomenal. Compare that to the former president whose only accomplishment was giving tax cuts to the wealthy. In my opinion, President Biden is the absolute best president since FDR.

Mark Mihevc
Graeagle, CA

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