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Letter to the Editor: One’s a politician; one’s a sheriff

Knowing both Sheriff Todd Johns and Dwight Cline, it makes it a difficult choice to decide which to support.  I have known Sheriff Johns the longest and have been friends with him since childhood, yet this does not mean he should be our Sheriff.  Mr. Cline and I have gotten along well in the past and I have always liked him, yet this does not mean he should be our Sheriff.

I have either went to, or watched online, all of the forums. I have seen their campaign messages and read their close supporter’s comments and commentaries.

Mr. Cline first described Sheriff Johns as a self-serving leader.  After two forums and hearing everything Sheriff Johns has done for the office, Mr. Cline, then said he did not say Sheriff Johns is a self-serving leader (Yet he did say this in one newspaper article and two forum videos) and he did not mean to imply that Sheriff Johns was.  Mr. Cline said it! He talked about it for probably three minutes!  Just watch the Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce video of the “meet the candidates” video.

Mr. Cline’s overall message is how he is going to improve the Sheriff’s Office with his leadership style.  That’s it, no recipe for how he will accomplish this (Without a how, there is no direction).  Imagine trying to cook an elegant meal by simply saying you are going to cook a nice meal, without any description.  But what ingredients are you going to buy at the store to put in the dish? how much of each ingredient? Do you simmer, bake, or broil the meal?  For how long?

On the other hand, Sheriff Johns has talked about how he has been making the Sheriff’s Office a better place, for Plumas County.  With much needed infrastructure, computer systems, body worn cameras, changing policies so staff are more comfortable, transparency, and an open-door policy.  He also listed ways to improve communication and morale.

As for Cline’s close supporters who are blasting everything online, it is a mere scare tactic.  Claiming a mass exodus and retaliation.  Yet they are now saying Sheriff Johns is a nice man and they will work with him if he wins.  They have also not given one instance of retaliation.  Makes me wonder are they going to say Sheriff Johns is going to take away your social security next? (Joking of course, we have all heard that one before).  Some people are negative thinkers who spread negativity instead of trying to turn issues into solutions. Negativity spreads in a private business as well as a Government Office and it seems like this may be the case at the Sheriff’s Office.

What ever happened to the thought of not asking what the Sheriff’s Office can do for you, but what can you do for the Sheriff’s Office?  Not in your job description? So, what, step up and take on more (this is the only way to improve our County and the Citizens within). The prior two years have taken a toll on every private business and Government agency due to COVID.  If you don’t work together your team mentality leaves and people start thinking, there is an I in team.  Reading everything online, seems to be the case with the Sheriff’s Office.  If you don’t believe me, watch the two or three who will undoubtedly attack this letter online.

Mr. Cline has said he’s been hearing of morale issues in the Sheriff’s Office for over a year, Supervisor Hagwood as well.  Yet neither bothered to tell Sheriff Johns! but they have the Sheriff’s Offices best interest at heart?

Listening to Mr. Cline he reminds me of a politician, this is due to the negativity and lacking a recipe to make the Sheriff’s Office better.  Sheriff Johns is not, and it shows, he admits mistakes he has made, along with solutions to not make the same mistake twice.  Sheriff Johns says what he thinks instead of telling people what they want to hear and has shown he has a recipe now and for the future.

A wise man once told me the definition of wisdom.  Knowledge plus experience equals wisdom, you cannot become wise with just one or the other.  After watching all the forums, I can say Sheriff Johns has the knowledge and the experience, therefor he has the wisdom out of the two candidates.  I encourage everyone to watch these recorded forums to better their knowledge of each candidate.  This is what makes America great, the opportunity to form one’s own opinion.

As a friend of Sheriff Johns for roughly 50 years, I can say he is the hardest working person I have ever known.  Sheriff Johns has the highest of ethics, integrity and his honesty is to the core.

I fully support Sheriff Todd Johns to continue leading our Sheriff’s Office for the betterment of Plumas County.

Steve Clark


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