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Letter to the Editor: Outstanding concert on Saturday night

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending a truly outstanding concert by the Northern Nevada String Serenade, and I didn’t even have to drive to Reno to enjoy it.

Featuring harpist Marina Roznitovsky and conducted by our phenomenal, locally-grown Jane K. Brown, the concert offered pieces from a variety of genres, including Mendelssohn and Debussy, but also Duke Ellington and—believe it or not, given that this is a string orchestra—Scott Joplin! If you missed this presentation, you missed a lot.

And, unfortunately, a lot of Plumas County residents missed it. The concert was very lightly attended, which makes me wonder how many more offerings the fair can sponsor if we don’t show up to support and take advantage of events that fair manager John Steffanic manages to bring to our small town on a shoestring budget.

Thanks, Plumas Bank, for providing financial support for this presentation, but I encourage every music aficionado in the county, and we have a lot of them, to turn out whenever we can get top-notch, A-1, superb musical guests in town, as we did Saturday night with the Northern Nevada String Serenade.

Susan Christensen

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