Letter to the Editor: Over simplified response to the issue

That “start the sawmills” Opinion piece, an over-long reiteration of some common principles in Western forest management, missed some relevant factoids.

Pre-settlement (and other) cultural practices have long been taught to naïve college students at UC’s Meadow Valley forestry camp, for one.

QLG efforts also resulted in a re-tooling of SPI’s Quincy Mill, not to save owls but instead to realize economic efficiency.
Many USFS Timber sales draw limited interest because they seek to balance responsible ecosystem management with reasonable profit; (and sometimes, a dearth of log haulers when subjected to drug testing).
SPI (Sierra Pacific Industries) closed several mills in 2000, just as significant central Sierra fires ramped up salvage sales.
In Eastern Plumas, many areas in and around towns have overstocked thickets of unmerchantable trees; seems there is no incentive to reduce this risk. We’re talking communities, not harvest plans here.
Casting all ‘green’ groups or advocates as “preservationists” is a tactic lost in translation.
Even with greatly increased fire budgets, Federal Agencies are stretched thin.

The Opinion piece sloganized an oversimplified ‘solution’ to an evolving fire regime.

Joe Jackson