Letter to the Editor: Public Health to hold COVID vaccine clinics at local schools for students 5 and up


In the very beginning of this pandemic the concern was for the ill and the elderly but not the children. So why are we pushing the Emergency Shot on all the Children ages 5 to 17 at this point.

I hope parents remember healthy children are only getting light cases of Covid and 99% are surviving. Children are not the spreaders. The Plumas News article said that children are at a lower risk.

There are people all ages that are having adverse reactions to this experimental shot.  Parents please do some research. These shots are still under “emergency status”.  Another question why is it that no one is “liable” if there is an adverse reaction?

I can find many doctors that say natural immunity is better vaccine immunity. Parents please say No to this Shot for your children and don’t let them become a statistic.

Children are a gift that are born with an innate robust immune system.

We will kill 117 kids to save one child from dying from COVID in the 5 to 11 age range. That’s according to a risk-benefit analysis done by risk-benefit expert Dr. Toby Rogers. His analysis has been viewed by over 22,000 readers. No mistakes were found. Nothing but praise.


Coach Tracy Morris