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Letter to the Editor: Public officials always subject to scrutiny

When I was a county supervisor, we did not have a County Manager, we did the job individually by assigning the reining supervisors to specific departments, for reporting back to the board. I was assigned the annex, i.e., mainly the Social Services, the Housing Authority, and was the substitute to the Sheriff’s Department.

I know that the Sheriff is not a Patrol Officer, and not required to travel the county. The sheriff is responsible to have a well organized working environment for all concerned; how he or she does that is entirely up to the Sheriff; if there is a complaint, it should be presented to the reining Grand Jury; that’s how it was, and I do believe it’s how it is. However, the very first thing that anyone should do when they have a conflict with any reining elected official, is ask to see the county code; their duties and responsibilities are so written; elected officials are legally required to abide by those rules of office, no matter what anyone might think they should, or should not be doing.

To follow the rules makes life better for us all, to do otherwise only clouds the specific issues; hear-say and innuendos are always negative to the overall issue at hand; some things in the life of a public official are simply not subject to public scrutiny.

Nansi Bohne


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