Letter to the Editor: Questions regarding Jenner’s visit

According to today’s article in Plumas News, Caitlyn Jenner and staff will be visiting Plumas County today. They will be “touring Greenville” and “meeting with local officials.”

I’m wondering about the following:
1. Isn’t the Greenville area under mandatory evacuation with not even residents permitted to return? How are Jenner and her entourage able to “tour” the area and who gave them permission?
2.  Is this “tour” being accompanied by any law enforcement or county personnel? If so, does this mean that county taxpayers are helping to fund this visit? Are law enforcement or other safety personnel being diverted from other duties for this purpose?
3. Who are the”local officials” Jenner is meeting with?
4.  If I or anyone else requested permission to tour Greenville, would we be allowed to do so?

I’m extremely interested in the county’s rationale for allowing someone with no official standing (other than as a potential political candidate) to use our county’s tragedy as an opportunity for political promotion and would love to hear some official responses to these questions.

Stephanie Leaf