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Letter to the Editor: Re: Device allows PG&E customers more reliable backup power source

Not sure why PG&E is taking credit for creating a device that already exists outside of California. Check out http://www.generlink.com/. Anyone can quickly see how easy it will be to connect a generator to power your house.

I contacted PG&E last year and a rep told me they would not allow a device (Generlink) installed in between the meter and panel, even at my own cost. PG&E states they will provide their device free to those approved for a new backup generator purchase and refund.

Why the change? What about anyone who purchases a generator that may not be brand new or purchased a new generator from someone other than the original retailer? Will they be allowed to obtain the PG&E transfer device? I’m hoping a certified representative from PG&E will reply to these questions.

Les Hall


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