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Letter to the Editor: Re-direct your energy


We drove down to the city of a million inhabitants. When we got there, there was nobody on the streets. The lights turned red, then green, but we were the only car on the road. The lights were on in the stores, but there were no shoppers. We drove and drove, down back streets, but nobody was there…

Now, see the reality; the FBI shows huge numbers of children disappearing every year in America. The recent figures tally around one million. Where do they disappear to? Close your eyes, and envision a city of one million people disappearing, every year, and they’re only children!

Meanwhile, the far left carry on with their Trump Derangement Syndrome, blah, blah. As children get abused from every direction. Meanwhile, too many “Christians” ask for stuff from God. They don’t seek the truth, and lay their heads on the block, as Jesus did, to call out the evil among men. They don’t speak “The Word”. Come on adults, stop the ferris wheel of destruction, of the silly politics derangement. Speak up for those who can’t! Don’t worry about the consequences. Be tough!

Robert Milne

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