Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal on Terminating the Constitution


Recently, Mr. Trump called for terminating the Constitution.  A local writer came to his defense, making three assertions:

First, that when the ex-president said his complaints “allowed for the termination” of Constitutional rule, he only meant “step outside of” it.  Answer: Termination of the Constitution is not allowed.  Temporizing is no defense.

Second, that Mr. Trump did not explicitly call for violence.  Answer: True, but violence has already been deployed against the constitutional order, on January 6, 2021.  Mr. Trump now makes it explicit that we must stand with America or, like the rioters, stand with him against it.

Third, that criticism of the ex-president must be understood as hatred for him as a person.  Answer: You know you are dealing with a cult of personality when its partisans ignore the principles at stake and insist that every debate be reduced to a popularity contest.

Hatred is a weakness, and a wound to one’s own soul.  Many on the Left have fallen for the temptation, which only helps the diversion work.  Patriotic opposition must not make that mistake, but stand – with clear-eyed and serious – in defense of the nation and its principles.

Scott Corey