Letter to the Editor: Retired assessor backs Froggatt for the job

I was honored to serve the citizens of Plumas County as the elected assessor for the better part of 24 years.  In that time, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful citizens, business owners and professionals.  Local county elected offices are non-partisan in nature, meaning that the incumbent of that office represents all citizens equally, no matter what their party affiliation.

I am very proud of the technological advancement and professional staff development that I was able to oversee during my tenure in the Plumas County Assessor’s Office.  I was fortunate to lead a team of dedicated professionals who shared my commitment to customer service.  Cindie Froggatt was a vital part of that team.

It is for that reason that I tender this letter of endorsement for Plumas County Assessor Cindie Froggatt.  I hired Cindie in the year 2001.  She started working in the change of ownership department and assisted with assessment roll maintenance.  In less than 5 years, Cindie was promoted to the position of Assessor’s Office Manager, which supervised the change of ownership section, marine valuation division, and tax toll administration.  That position also charged her with administration of the office budget and assisting me with annual budget preparation. Over time, Cindie also took on the business property and exemptions functions of the office.  In 2015 Cindie was promoted to Assistant Assessor.  In 2021, the Plumas County Board of Supervisors appointed Cindie to the position of Plumas County Assessor.

I very much admire Cindie’s commitment to her family and her community, as evidenced by her many years of service to the 4-H program, high school sports programs as a coach, as well as her participation in the Soroptimist Club, the racing association, roping club and the list goes on.  Cindie is one of 5 California Assessors appointed to sit on the California Timber Tax Advisory Committee.


Cindies’s high ethical standards, commitment to customer service, willingness to tackle new challenges, personal integrity and proven administrative abilities are the foundation for my endorsement.

Please join me on June 7th in voting for Cindie Froggatt, Plumas County Assessor!


Charles W. Leonhardt,

Retired Plumas County Assessor