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Letter to the Editor: Ripple of good …

On September 22, 2021 Plumas News ran a story along with a photo of an oversized check being presented to the Common Good Community Foundation from Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council. Reading the story felt wonderful. Thank you Plumas News! In a climate that has recently tended towards division, negativity and loss, I’m referring to loss from local fires, we got to see an example of generosity and people working together for the greater good. A vision that Colleen McKeown had and has made a reality with the Common Good Community Foundation is to me an example of a ripple in still water. The song, Ripple, by the Grateful Dead plays in my head when I read about people doing for and thinking of others.


Thank you again for allowing all of us local people to see and read about positive organizations and people doing for others. Each and every positive story is, to me, like a tiny stone creating a ripple of good!

Respectfully submitted,
J. Baldridge

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