Letter to the Editor: Rule of law

A vital aspect of our Democracy is the Rule of Law.  This is foundational to a safe, incorruptible, and predictable society, a society your children can count on.  But our previous president has been ignoring and fighting this simple proposition. He has prevented his associates from testifying in actions against him, fighting like hell to keep Americans from seeing his taxes (wonder why), and prevents the public and prosecutors from viewing documents that might show what kind of man he really is.  Why is he doing this?   Further, he fired five inspectors general. Again, why?

Another item I am wondering about is the Republicans refusal to advance voting rights to all Americans. Several states are passing laws to make it more difficult for black, brown, aged, and students to vote. These Republicans also pushed the failed recall of Governor Newsom, to the tune of $260,000,000. And, they claim to be Americans. These are the same folks that are giving Medicare to the capitalists in the form of Medicare (dis)Advantage.

Don McKechnie