Letter to the Editor: Safer than the alternative

Thank you, Dr. Stanton for your letter advising everyone to get vaccinated. It is safer than the alternative and vaccines are free and readily available. Moderna, the vaccine distributed in our county, has proven to be safe and effective. Currently, less than half the county is vaccinated. How can we go back to safe, indoor visiting, and doing things like going to the movies, when half the people in the room are likely not vaccinated?

Get vaccinated to avoid the dangers of long covid, or worse. Get vaccinated to keep your friends and neighbors safe. Get vaccinated to reassure your family members. Get vaccinated even if you are in that 20 – 50 age range that makes you feel invincible.

As Dr. Stanton says, the longer this virus is out there mutating, the more it will evolve.

Susan Harvey
Happily vaccinated in Graeagle