Letter to the Editor: Saxton should be lauded

From what I have been able to read the Feather River College Board is considering action against Mr. Saxton in reference to his remark concerning Christianity and homosexuality. The fact of the matter is that Christianity condemns homosexual acts. Homosexuality is a perversion. The practice of homosexuality may be considered by today’s society as OK but like abortion, euthanasia, infanticide that does not make it right or acceptable. As a matter of fact up to 85 percent of those professionally treated for homosexual problems are successfully made normal. It would appear then that Mr. Saxton is only expressing a Biblical truth not hate speech or other unacceptable position. I would say Mr. Saxton should be lauded for his willingness to not be swayed by today’s Godless society and express a moral truth.

Robert Lockwood

Lake Almanor

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