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Letter to the Editor: Scapegoating PG&E is absurd

Trying to make a case against PG&E, Dylan Coffman offered the statement “I’d like to point out that lighting very rarely stikes (sic) the same spot more than once.” This is untrue. There are many places that are frequently targeted by lightning right here in Plumas County. What is true is that PG&E has become a lightning rod for misguided criticism for conditions beyond their control.

Scapegoating PG&E for the recent fires in Plumas County is absurd. They were not responsible for the highly unusual conditions that made the Dixie Fire such a ferocious monster. Our planet is in the midst of great climactic upheaval caused primarily by short sighted human activity. Signing a petition may offer a moment of smug satisfaction but ridding our legislatures of climate change deniers and replacing them with educated problem-solvers seems like a more practical solution.

Tom Nelson

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