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Letter to the Editor: School board race

This is regarding our school board race between Leslie Edlund and Coby Hakalir.
When filing was announced for our school board candidates, the board member from Chester gave up their seat. JoDee Read, CEO of PDH announced she would file to retain her seat. Leslie Edlund stated she was not sure whether she would stay or go. If she is so devoted to our children like she states thru her interview, why I wonder, did she wait until the deadline to file? Coby Hakalir filed three days before the deadline. It was not until after he filed that Edlund filed…on the last day. The Chester seat had no one file, so the district gets to appoint someone. Read did not have a challenger. In spite of all Edlunds claims, I suspect that she was not going to file, hoping no one would file like happened in Chester. Then they could choose who to put in her seat. But to her dismay, a CONCERNED PARENT who sees a better way for our children, and has some great ideas as to changes that need to be made here such as Trade schools and more and better options for our children. Hakalir wants to be available to the parents. Something that does NOT happen with the current board! All parents get is zoom meetings and no opportunities to ask questions. And with the horrible agenda in government schools all across our Country, parents are stepping up and running for school boards. The agenda IS IN OUR DISTRICT! Coby Hakalir has stated time after time he wants transparency from our board. Parents deserve to know what is being taught to our children, and Coby is our school boards worst nightmare because if he gets in there, he is going to discover what the hell is exactly going on here. And parents, you will not like it, but you deserve the truth. Coby will be the advocate for our children and parents, something we do not have. He will stand for you if your child is wronged. He will listen to the parents. Edlund is doing nothing more than blowing smoke up your butts in order to keep the agenda they have imposed on our children silent. It will be the same old same old with this board if she is re elected. She has been here ten years, its time for new. Plumas County children deserve to be represented. Coby will do that. He will listen to you parents. Dont fall for Edlunds smooge. Remember, if her words were so heartfelt, why would she wait till three days after Hakalir filed to file to run? She thought she could get away with NO challenger. You HAVE to know that she did not want to keep that seat again. She has to to protect the secrecy this board has kept. The agenda they push has to be exposed.
We need a change in this school board. We need to try out a concerned parent. What can it hurt. Vote for our children.

Mary Sims


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