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Letter to the Editor: Scientists

I have a degree in Microbiology from a world-renowned drinking institution, Chico State.  I graduated, then realized there was so much to know.  Those pioneering microbiologists I learned about had made an astounding difference in our world. A few of these guys were Jenner,  Ignac Semmelweiss, Pastuer, John Snow, Robert Kock, Ehrlich, Fleming, Florey and Chain, Saulk.  There were no women because society felt that women were not capable of doing anything except baking bread.  That would change.  Society had been wrong for thousands of years.

Because of those scientists, we don’t have to worry about our children predeceasing us.  Near my home is a cemetery where there is a family plot. Five children had died before their parents. That takes your breath away.  I cannot imagine.   Those children may have died of scarlet fever, a carbuncle, smallpox, mastoiditis, diarrhea, tetanus, or any other number of infectious diseases no one thinks about today.

That’s all science.  Yup, when you look at your children think of those scientists because some of them were ridiculed and disbelieved but they were right and you may owe your existence to them.  And now we have an entire political movement that has lost its connection to reality and does not want science taught in our schools.  They would prefer religion.

BTW when I went to Chico State, all the California State Colleges and the University System were essentially tuition free.  Got lots of doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. from that.  But Ronald Reagan kinda ruined it.

Infectious disease free,

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, CA and Sparks, NV

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