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Letter to the Editor: Sheriff not responsible

I also read this morning’s article about what happened to Plumas County evacuees at Lassen College on Monday night. As a Lassen County resident, I couldn’t be more appalled; but I did not see any person (or law enforcement agency) identified as the one threatening citation and/or arrest. Our County Sheriff , Dean Growdon, is a thoughtful, compassionate man who has served the residents of this county for a long time. I cannot believe he was personally involved in threatening an evacuee. Please have the facts before making an accusation of this nature.

Erik Jefferts


Editor’s note: No accusations were made; it was simple retelling by the Plumas County Sheriff and a resident of what happened that night. During the Board of Supervisors meeting when the discussion was held, Sheriff Todd Johns wasn’t specific about which law enforcement members were responsible on the scene and only referenced his interaction with Sheriff Growdon. We would agree with your assessment of Sheriff Growdon and have been impressed with his willingness to assist Plumas County during this fire. Sheriff Johns said today that most of the issues came from shelter workers (not the Red Cross) and members of the police department. 

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