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Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Todd Johns is a proven leader

My name is Cynthia Lusk and I am a Registered Voter who lives in Plumas County. I strongly support Todd Johns for Plumas County Sheriff. He is the proven, experienced leader that can carry the department forward into a successful future. We need a dedicated and trustworthy local candidate who has made a personal investment in Plumas County.

Todd Johns has successfully performed the job of the Plumas County Sheriff for the last couple of years since being appointed to the position by the Board of Supervisors. Todd knows and understands the workings of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office inside and out.

I don’t know anyone else at that level, who could (or would ) have given so much of himself during the Dixie Fire. Day after day… week after week…month after month…, of very exhausting and highly stressful work, putting in 16 hour days, and longer.
Todd has developed strong working relationships all around and within Plumas County, with neighboring counties, and with multiple federal and state agencies.
Todd has an amazing work ethic that has served him, and our county, very well for the past 31 years. He will follow through with projects he has started, like working towards the completion of the new jail for Plumas County.

Todd is heavily committed to the rebuilding of Greenville, and other communities damaged by the Dixie Fire of 2021. With his deep understanding of the challenges facing Plumas County- he will get the job DONE, and we can trust him to get the job done RIGHT!

Please vote for Todd Johns for Plumas County Sheriff 2022.


Cynthia Lusk
Cromberg, CA

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