Letter to the Editor: Should have been a no-brainer

As a Quincy resident for over twenty years and a museum member for about that same amount of time, I have to say I was really surprised to see that the Board of Supervisors did not appoint Paul Russell to the Museum Director position when it came open.  He has essentially been doing that job for over a decade as anyone involved with the museum will tell you.

Before he came to our Plumas County Museum, he was the curator at the Far West Heritage Association at Chico Museum & Patrick Ranch and at the Museum of Anthropology at CA State University Chico. He is not just experienced at the job of running a museum and its many programs, he has the academic credentials to boot: Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude CA State University Chico 1987 and completed coursework for a Master of Arts in Anthropology at the same institution 1995.

As he was the Assistant Director at the Plumas County Museum from 2009 to 2012 (until I suspect the county cut funding), it seems to me he is a perfect, easy fit for the job. Not to mention that he is a more than qualified local resident who will not have a learning curve, needs no mentoring and can hit the ground running.

Appointing Paul seems a no brainer to me especially as we can hire a local.  We all want to “Shop Local,” right?


My two cents worth, but I hope BOS will agree with me that Paul Russell is should be our next Plumas County Museum Director.

Brenda Lantow
Quincy, CA