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Letter to the Editor: So many questions

Dear Government,

You are repeatedly confusing people. You don’t want to pump our oil out of the ground, because you want to limit exhaust from cars. That’s a good idea!  To eliminate some problems you want to buy oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The oil from those countries is pure and does not produce smog when refined to gasoline and used in cars. Correct?

The Student Loans System is broken and you broke it. It just seems that the interest you charge is really making a profit for the USA. Cancel the interest and allow the borrowers to pay the principal balance. If you do so you don’t have to giveaway our money. Further, you may still able to buy some votes.

Question. How many people are employed by the President, as his staff, meaning the cabinet, and how many are military veterans. How many received Draft Deferments during the Vietnam War. How many received Student Loans to go to school and also received a draft deferment. Veterans have a right to know, don’t they?

China may have released the Covid virus, China may have caused the Harbor/Shipping “road blockades,” and is accused of producing the deadly Fentanyl drug powder, which is packaged in labs in Mexico and sold in the USA. It’s killing many of our young people. You are searching for solutions, but China, the Gangs and profiteers are not cooperating. Order the CIA to locate the labs. Use Cruise Missiles. They work! Don’t they?

The Southern Border is closed, according to you, our Government’s unreliable sources. There are 10 to 12 million illegal aliens in the USA. Legal aliens have to register for the draft after being in the country for six months. Illegals do not register for the draft. Assuming that war breaks out, our troops will have to risk their necks to protect the illegal aliens. That does not seem fair. Ain’t it?

You have stated that there will not be a tax increase for the middle class, remember? Assume that a person earns $100,000.00 per year and pays 10% in taxes. Now comes the recession and wages increase 7%. Joe now makes $7,000.00 more income, or $107,000.00. Assuming that the tax rate is still 10%, Joe pays $700.00 more in taxes. The Government makes more money. It isn’t a tax increase, right?

In order to buy votes, Governor Newsom paid a refund to the taxpayers in the form of direct deposit, debit cards and whatever method reached the voters. Refunds were paid to people who did not pay taxes. Many millions were paid out. Nobody knows the cost per vote. Today, I received a 1099. I have to pay taxes on a tax refund. Very interesting, but stupid! On or about January 10, 2023, the State of California declared a BALANCED BUDGET DEFICIT. How is a budget balanced when it is subject to deficit. Please explain. Finally, the latest rain storm had a lot of beneficial results, especially for the bay area. It sanitized the sidewalks of San Francisco. Most of the human feces and needles were washed away and did not plug the storm drains. You did it correctly!!!

Happy New Year

Jan Klement


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