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Letter to the Editor: Solutions will evolve

In response to Dave’s letter with regards to your comment: “but I question the government mandated approach pushing us towards renewable energy and electric vehicles before the domestic manufacturing and recycling of all the components are secure.” When has it ever happened that society has embarked on a major change like this and stopped to be sure there were no negative effects of its implementation? Was it with cars, computers, cell phones, plastic, GMO food, industrial agriculture, forest management, etc?

I appreciate your foresight, but solutions to battery recycling and sourcing materials for the change to EVs will evolve as the problem arises, which I agree, it will, just as it did when cars first began rolling down dirt roads in the late 1800’s.
FYI the recycling of solar electric panels is ramping up as the industry sees the value of the components within them. I have already sent a pallet of older panels to an outfit in Reno for recycling. I’m confident solar panel recycling will become the norm. It’s not perfect yet, it takes time, for better or worse humans react to under our nose crises not probable crises.

Bill Battagin


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