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Letter to the Editor: Speaking from experience …

Dear Editor: I’m speaking from experience, not conjecture: Beginning in the late 1960s, nine women have stepped up to run for the position of county supervisor, only to resign or be voted out, with two exceptions. As for me, I resigned after two years, with reason, and was later, re-elected to the school board. Then eventually, I ran for County Clerk; and I lost that election; were my feelings hurt? Of course, but, not to the point of taking it personally, because, by then I knew better; I had already spent nearly ten years on the Plumas Unified School District Governing Board, and two years as a county supervisor, both elected positions, I had credentials.

Still today, some folks will reach back in time to find something negative to refer to about a past official, especially one that dared to speak out, but now is out minding his or her own business, however, they remain fair game. “I can do a better job” is about all that any of it amounts to.” Also, not fair. We need to grow up as a county and join the majority, for our sake. Public funding is becoming very hard to get, in the halls of tax dollar dissemination, in other words, it goes where public representatives are already known, and also, highly responsible, and especially fiscally so. If you don’t like the incumbent, and there is no reason other than you don’t like the incumbent, then please do back off, it’s costly, at a time when the fight for funding is at an all time high. Those already in office, know the ropes, and incumbents have the edge; as usual, especially in the political world and definitely in the fiscal area, vote wisely, the chips are down.

Nansi Bohne


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