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Letter to the Editor: State of the Union

I would like to respond to Jesse Rath’s letter about Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech. First, Jesse, don’t worry about praying for Joe Biden’s soul. He does not need your prayers. You are the one who is clearly delusional. Donald Trump might need your prayers though, but they will not do him any good as he heads down the “highway to Hell.” He has already sold his “soul” to the devil and no one can save him and, for that matter, many of the people around him. Get off Fox News and see the truth. And the truth is right now that Trump and many in the “Republican” party are autocrats who would love to run our country the way Putin (Trump’s “idol” who Trump said was “genius” and “savvy,” in talking about the Ukraine situation) runs Russia. Remember “back in the day” when we saw Adolph Hitler for what he was and fought, as UNIFIED AMERICANS, to get him out of power. In our country the real threat is voters like you who would VOTE in AUTOCRATS. It is truly a sad situation where so many in our country are BRAINWASHED by the likes of Fox News, OAN, and many web sites that spew lies. Common sense seems to be lacking in many Americans today.

Dan Hopkins


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