Letter to the Editor: Statistics and Ted Gaines

One can interpret and report statistics from either a positive of negative view. Ted Gaines’ Where I Stand article suggests California isn’t recovering from the deadly pandemic as fast as other states. But California has had the largest job increase of any state (1.2 million jobs) since January 1, 2021. Middle and high-wage employment in California has mostly recovered and the main jobs issue is that low-wage employment has not yet recovered.

The main reasons for this low-wage unemployment is that we are recovering from a pandemic induced recession and businesses are not offering livable wages. Employees are sick of working their butts off for an insult of an hourly wage of $7.50/hour or under $15/hour. Pay people a decent wage – you get a flood of workers.

Gaines thinks new entrepreneurs will save the day and magically create the needed jobs. It’s not ‘new ideas’ as Gaines writes, but rather ‘courage, determination, and hard work’ and lists donut shops, dry cleaners, and nail salons as examples.

Obviously he has never created a business or studied the matter. What it really takes is inventing a new product/service or finding a niche that is unfulfilled in a market followed by a business plan, acquiring startup capital, and filing the necessary governmental paperwork to start a legitimate business. Everyone would be in business for themselves if it was so easy – it is not. Most small business owners make nothing for themselves for years and many small businesses fail.


The best way to gain jobs in the USA is for Republicans to sign onto President Biden’s original infrastructure bills that will create millions of jobs. But Republicans don’t want you to have a job and don’t want Democratic Party to succeed, and are willing to let Americans suffer.

And, what’s all this trash talk about California? So what if one legislator said ‘good riddance’ to Musk? I agree, actually. If Musk doesn’t want to pay his fair share of taxes and abide by our regulations – he is welcome to leave our great state. With certain States, it is a race to the bottom. They give away everything to get businesses, providing low taxes, and few regulations (if any) just so the executives and stockholders (and politicians) make a ton in profits while the people and the environment suffer.

Sorry, but removing barriers thru ‘…lower taxes, lower fees, fewer stifling regulations that bury them in paperwork’ is not the answer. And so what if ‘CEO Magazine’ rates California as ‘the worst place to do a business…’. Californians want a clean environment, with fair taxation, and all necessary regulations to achieve these requirements. I think California doesn’t worry about what a magazine says as all they care about is making sure the executives make a ton of money at everyone else’s expense. Considering California has the fifth largest economy, California governance is doing most things correctly.

Do you remember how and why this great economic collapse happened in the first place? Correct – a Republican US President did absolutely nothing to address a deadly pandemic that killed 600,000 Americans and decimated our economy. And, as always, America’s left wing must clean up the Republican mess.


Finally, can we dispense with the notion that everyone now days is a ‘hero’. For example, a hero is when a neighbor runs into a burning house and saves a child or when a soldier storms a machinegun nest, risking their life and takes it out. Entrepreneurs are not heroes rather they are simply trying to earn a living.

Mark Mihevc