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Letter to the Editor: Still have questions, but it was good listening to the candidates

I would like to thank Tommy Miles, the station manager, of KQNY 91.9 FM for hosting a Q&As with the candidates for Sheriff. The candidates were able to go more in depth about current issues within the department and their solutions to address such issues as well as future goals. After a 30 minute listen I had much better insight and it solidified my choice.

One question that I always go back is very basic, and it concerns the morale issues and hiring practices brought up during this campaign. If there were issues as suggested, why did no one contact their union? Why did no one go through the chain of command until they had a resolution? Why did no one talk with the Sheriff himself who stated he has/had an open door policy? I appreciate all the work the employees did during these very trying two years of Covid and the Dixie Fire. I can imagine it was extremely stressful and some of what they are experiencing now may be residual; perhaps they are even experiencing a little PTSD. I still go back to the question of why were they not proactive within the department or with their union or HR? How does going outside of the department and county government help them over the past two years? From what I understand they even went to their own parents rather than approaching those that could address the issues.

Regardless, I encourage anyone that would like a more in-depth look at the two candidates to listen to Tommy Miles candidate Q and A interviews. Great job Tommy! Thank you.

Kathy Wickman


Editor’s Note: Plumas News posted the link in earlier story on the topic, but for those who missed it, you can access the interview here:


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