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Letter to the Editor: Still so much to be thankful for

There are so many things to be thankful for this season. I know there are plenty of trials and tribulations. I don’t discount those at all. But I look out my window at night and I am grateful.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who are celebrating the spirit of Christmas with your bright lights. You cannot know how much it warms my heart to see all the beautiful colors and strings of white and red icicle lights. And that is just what I can see from my windows.
When I braved the snowy streets to check out other neighborhoods, I found they were just as festive. Beautiful to behold. Thank you so much everyone.

I know you probably think I am just a grinch, and someday again I will get around to putting lights up again. For now, I am really, really enjoying that you have decorated.

It all makes me feel like we will come together as a community and make it through another winter. It is going to be a hard one, so I am glad I have neighbors.

Darrah Hopper


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