Letter to the Editor: Support HR 6903

I am writing this to urge you to support in full the NACO Policy and the Legislation H.R. 6903.
I was responsible for the care and management of Forest Land owned by Roseburg Forest Products in California for 13 years [ 1980 to 1993 ].  During this time I had many instances of involvement with the Forest Service and Forest Fires. It was a bad day when the fire was reported on Roseburg Forest land or adjacent and the fire was within the zone where the Forest Service was the responsible fire fighting agency. Unlike the CDF or the private landowner the FS seemed to have other goals than fire suppression. Too many times the suppression and control was delayed and what was a manageable situation became out of hand and growing while decisions about the fire were made away from the fire. If the word complex arose with a boundary line being drawn on a map and Incident Commanders showed the fire once manageable was herded with firing episodes to eventually completely burn out the complex and more.  This is known as Managing the Forest, Renewing the Forest by use of Fire. This is and has been done for the past 30 years.
This Managing with /Fire is done without the utilization of the Law. NEPA prohibits the building of a road, campground or harvest of timber without NEPA requiring full EIS and public review and comment. So why is the herding and so called Management by fire going forward.
Given the recent impacts to the Feather River drainage and the continuing drought conditions it seems to demand that every fire regardless of location should be controlled and put out as though it was in your personal home
Jerry Duffy
Former Chester resident