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Letter to the Editor: Support McGowan for District 3 Supervisor


 It’s been a pleasure watching and listening to the two candidates for Board of Supervisors. District 3  Both have conducted themselves ethically and respectfully.


I’m supporting Tom McGowan to be our next Supervisor in Plumas County.  Tom has many qualifications I see as crucial for our future:


  • Tom has tremendous experience in County and City Government from neighboring Glenn and Butte counties.  He has also been serving on the Plumas County Planning Commission for some time and currently resides as the Chair.  So he knows the issues and challenges that we all face.
  • He also understands the workings of the Federal Government. Like it or not, we have to deal with it, especially when 75%+ of land in Plumas County is managed by the Forest Service.  Tom understands the complicated and convoluted grants system and the workings of the Economic Development Administration (EDA).  For a year, Tom has been advocating joining the Sierra Economic Development District (SEDD) that will help us tap into the grant funding of the EDA.  More recently, he has been promoting our CEDS Survey (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy), one of the first steps the County has to do to join the SEDD.
  • That tells me Tom believes in a Plan and a strategic plan at that. Many of our former best-laid plans have been destroyed or altered by the Pandemic and the Dixie Fire, and Tom knows that.  He has the Vision to look ahead.
  • Tom is involved in many community groups and efforts. He serves as the liaison between the Lake Almanor Area Chamber and the Board of Supervisors.  I’ve seen Tom at Greenville Community Information Meetings and participate in the Indian Valley Innovation Hub.
  • Tom will be a leader when he gets elected. He will call things as they are; he’s honest, ethical, and strategic in his thinking.
  • Very importantly, Tom is READY to serve us. Besides the knowledge and experience needed for the job, Tom knows what challenges Plumas County faces.  And he has a plan to take us forward.


I look forward to working with Tom to make Plumas County a better place as we struggle through our disaster recovery.


Clint Koble

Hamilton Branch, CA

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