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Letter to the Editor: Texting scam

To all Plumas County Residents,

I stopped a texting scam that started a few weeks ago. Here is how the scam works: A Robo text is sent to the victim asking if they would be interested in doing some mobile advertising placing a placard on their car for a product. The one I got was for Colgate toothpaste so I said I’ll think about it. The scammer asks for my mailing address so information can be sent about the product to be advertised. The victim gives the mailing address which I did.

The scammer then asks if you have a bank account so payment for the mobile advertising service can be sent. This is where it gets BAD. A check was sent to me for $2,470 for the work I was to do; no other info involved. I was to deposit the check into my account and this is where I could of had my account drained and who knows what else. I’m a senior citizen and got WISE very quickly to this scam. I called the place who wrote the check and the bank it was drawn on they told me DO NOT CASH THE CHECK , it’s a SCAM.  Please be careful out there Scammers Are EVERYWHERE.

Bruce Borregaard


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