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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Deputy Hermann

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dep. Tyler Hermann of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office for trudging through a quarter mile of deep, slippery snow to see if I was OK.

This past storm was unlike others in my life, and I’ve heard that sentiment from others, including life long plow drivers from Tahoe. It wanted to eat my F-250 with 4 chains, and eventually it did.

Having a nerve problem that I’ll call MS really makes it exciting when you look at your vehicle buried for the third time after losing a chain plowing, and you need to get out. So I called a friend in town at her work and told her of my physical condition and situation.
When she realized next day that she lost my phone number, she evidently called the Sheriff’s office to check on me.

It’s like the world disappeared for a few days during this storm, couldn’t hear cars, neighbors, etc.. Then, a voice, at my front door, it was Deputy Hermann.

He just wanted to know if I was going to be OK. Did I need food? He asked me twice. Was there anything he could help with? We had a nice conversation, and he helped me get in touch with my friend, so I could get out and get supplies.

So, as a guy who prides himself on self sustainability, hey, I ain’t 16 any more, and sometimes things get dicey.

Thanks again Deputy Hermann, you’re a good man, and make me proud to live in Plumas County!

Robert Milne

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