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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Dwight for sharing your story

I would like to thank Feather Publishing for printing Dwight Pierson’s story about contracting a contagious disease at 5-years old and the vaccine that saved the world from a dangerous disease. That disease was polio. I remember standing in line with my nurse mother to get my polio shot back in the1950s. There were long lines of parents with their children. I don’t remember anyone complaining. We all got our shots.

I have observed Dwight Pierson at many school board meetings. I have seldom seen a more committed and knowledgeable contributor to our community. We are so lucky to have had Dwight and his wife move here. Thank you Dwight for all you have done and are doing for our children and our community. And for giving us such a common sense perspective on Covid vaccinations. Thank you.

Steve Wathen



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