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Letter to the Editor: Thank you for voting for me; here’s what’s next

I worked hard to bring you a message of change and hope and a vision for the future for District 5.

I want to thank everyone for voting for me.  I want to thank the League of Women Voters for holding the debates and Rod Chambers and his staff at KSUE for donating an hour of debate time to the community. I want to thank the many supporters who donated to my campaign, put up signs and handed out flyers. Without all of you, I would not have been as successful.

This election was the first step in the right direction. Positive momentum IS alive.  We can grow our movement. If my supporters could recruit one more person and then they all in turn recruited another, we can grow our movement by four fold quickly and win the election in 2026.

The one thing I did learn from this run for office is that one person cannot change things on their own.  It takes an army. I want to build that army along with you. It also takes a full year of campaigning. But, rather than just give up, I have decided to form a non-partisan Citizen League with its mission to educate the electorate on how local government works,  how to hold elected officials accountable and how we can influence and change directions for Plumas County and District 5 for the better.  I am hopeful that with your help the Citizen League can grow rapidly and can put forth a candidate that can win the District 5 Supervisor seat in 2026.

If you are interested in making a difference locally, love meeting like-minded people, love social gatherings and you want to join the newly forming Citizen League, mark your calendar for a rally on Saturday, July 16 at 11 am at the Frazier Falls picnic area in the Great Lakes Basin.

Take the Gold Lake road and follow the signs. Bring a folding chair, a side dish or chips and we will barbecue hot dogs. Look for the “Vote for Mimi Garner” signs at the turn offs.  Wear your hiking boots and come enjoy the trail to the falls.

Please RSVP to [email protected] See you there!

The future looks bright! God Bless America.

Mimi Garner

Blairsden, CA

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