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Letter to the Editor: Thank you for your thoughtful response

Cassie Lavley, I want to thank you for your respectful response to my questions. It was very helpful. It is good that we are having an open dialog, as I think is beneficial for the community as well to see.


What I am hearing you say, correct me if I am wrong, is that you are experiencing retaliation within the department by coworkers for sharing different views and taking some action on behalf of yourself(selves). Can you go into specifics on how you see Candidate Cline addressing these very issues that is different than Sheriff Johns? Advising me that I should vote for a candidate without seeing how you see things changing specifically is not helpful. I am willing to listen.

I am looking from the perspective as community member who is considering experience and qualifications above all else. In that sense, Sheriff Johns exceeds. Because of his experience, he has factored in the interweaving of other local government agencies/services and how that impacts law enforcement in the community overall. He has obtained ARPA funds for stipends, a new system of communication along with body cameras. He has experience in grant writing so future grants will be obtained. He has built connections with OES. He has the forethought to locate a deputy in Chester by providing housing, saving the County money, and providing the outlying community with more immediate service. He understands that bonuses don’t appeal to future employees, especially with no housing available and has come up with a more effective way to recruit that benefits all employees. Look to the mill, bonuses have not benefitted them much. Overall, he is a better candidate in my opinion on how we move forward as a community.

I do appreciate all that you do there. I want you to know that. Your voice matters too. I do hope you will respond.

Thank you,
Kathy Wickman
Quincy, CA.

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