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Letter to the Editor: That’s what Ava is fighting for

Maybe next year, you say?

Because they work here, Nansi. Residents of Greenville work here. People who’ve lost everything work here. People who’ve had to rebuild everything work here. People who give their all consistently, day after day, work here. They are undervalued, underappreciated, and most importantly, underpaid. That’s exactly who Ava is fighting for.

And year after year, they are told to wait while those around them are rewarded for bare minimum. Just be patient, we don’t know what’s in the budget we just passed to give you that raise. Wait one more year for 2.5% while we congratulate ourselves with one in excess of 26%. Hold on until we sort this out, through pandemic, through fires that take your home. We know there’s only one person for the entire county at the dispatch or the DA’s office, or even the Social Services you will go to after you have nothing, but hold on. Hold on to these thin promises that say we are doing all we can, while we prevent you from sitting at the same table we are serving ourselves from. It’ll just be a minute. Don’t worry, we hear you.

Maybe next year.
Well, that’s today.
And time’s a wastin’.

Sara Bishop

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