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Letter to the Editor: The absolute absurdity of the NEW commute

It was November 2nd that I read an article in Plumas News that stated our elected board of supervisors and Public Works Director talked of shorter commute times between Chester, Greenville and Quincy. This is something that I or anyone for that matter have yet to experience.

And now a month and a day later, a new article reads EXPECT LONG DELAYS…you mean even LONGER??! The absolute lack of resolve and communication we have seen since the devastation of Dixie has led me to believe we are being led by people not ready for the tasks at hand. WE are fed up, WE are tired, WE are DONE. Daily the commute from Indian valley is always well over an hour and for those of you in Chester? God bless you all if you have to come to Quincy for anything. We need clear answers and clear plans otherwise this county will not be not be equitable or functional for anyone. 

Christopher Rouse

Indian Valley 

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