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Letter to the Editor: The blame is on us

In response to several letters to the Editor about how our board of Supervisors are performing:

Somebody said that we get the government we deserve.

Our county Supervisors were duly elected by the citizens of Plumas County. One can only presume the majority got what they wanted. Small government and small taxes. A few years ago a measure was floated to keep the street lights on. Cost was insignificant. And yet, the measure was defeated. If our Supervisors were to increase taxes and fees to provide the services one finds in civilized parts of the state, The levy (s) would still have to be approved by the electorate. Does anyone seriously think that raising taxes would pass.

Place the blame where it belongs, on the citizens of this county. We would have different Supervisors if the voters wanted things to be different. We get the government and services we deserve.

Hal Hein

East Quincy

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