Letter to the Editor: The Fragile Trump Supporter

Like so many people this year (thanks to COVID19) I have become a statistic and have moved back home after twenty years away from small town life. I am back and only if for a bit, I am realizing how out of my “bubble” I now am.

While I knew I was coming back to Trump country, I was prepared and honestly unbothered. After all, I have personally stood up for a MAGA hat wearing fellow at one of my favorite bars in L.A. because I was raised to respect ALL points of views and opinions (THANKFULLY). After being in Quincy for the last two months to my surprise and relief the amount of BIDEN / HARRIS signs gave me a hope and a sigh of relief, had Plumas County residents finally had enough of Trump?
Was it the reckless handling of the worst pandemic in a hundred years? The coy and reckless way he cozies up to racist beliefs? His non-stop spewing of absolute lies? His lack of empathy or leadership when facing a country dealing with the effects of racial inequality? His inability to get the economy back on track? I could literally go on and on… But then I realized while having conversations with friends around town, Trump supporters are scared and acting just like their childish leader.

Up to ten BIDEN / HARRIS signs in just the Quincy area are now stolen. Do Trumpers really think this works and are they really that FRAGILE? You can steal all the signs you want, but you can’t change the minds of FED UP PEOPLE. You can’t win California and you’re on your way to losing a national election.

Christopher Rouse